Crayons of Happiness


Candy floss, cookies, chocolate and toffee
Center-filled with vanilla, butterscotch, and coffee.
They have all been in our best childhood dreams
And made the saddest eyes glitter and gleam.
Little did I know I would relive that time,
Through the innocent eyes of a child,
When I wished to go to a chocolate land
With beaches of biscuit crumb instead of sand.
And so began the tale of five kids
All set out to go for a picnic,
All was well till little Jo saw a bee
And suddenly sprang into a running spree.
The others, worried, followed shortly behind
And lo! There’s a sweet surprise they find!
Down the winding tree trunk slide
They reach heaven spread far and wide.
And in the hunt for Jo they indulge,
On bushes of chocolate scones and fudge,
On cotton candy clouds blue and pink,
From a caramel river, they take a drink,
On tall grasses of bubble gum, they munch,
And on trampolines of wobbly jelly, they jump!
And while this happens, three pairs of eyes,
Are dreamily imagining a new paradise
And each turned page of the book invites
Yum and slurps of scrumptious delight!
Now, returning to that tale of five,
The hunt for Jo turned out a gala time,
And as the children started tiring out
“A faint crunching sound?” they doubt,
And on the ledge of a tree, they see
Little Jo munching away happily!
And so ended another of the many books
And I could see on their faces hopeful looks
“Didi, we still have 15 minutes”, they cried
“Okay quick, name place animal thing,” I smiled.

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