Operations Managers

East Delhi 

Ritica Maheshwari

“It’s been a year and a half since Ritica joined The Wordsworth Family, starting off as a teacher volunteer. It was that experience that led her to continue working with this project. Despite being the little humans that they are, children teach us the most lasting lessons of our lives. They inspired Ritica to strive to be a better human every single day. The one thing Ritica misses after moving to an operations role is how she would sleep with a wide smile, and satisfaction in her heart, knowing that she was doing her part.”


Tanya Gupta

“As I look forward to meet the equally enthusiastic kids every weekend,  I feel lucky to be a part of a conceptually brilliant initiative. “When one teaches, two learn”, my journey at WordsWorth has involved me and the kids developing our capacities and growing together. The kids have great potential and I hope to continue being a part of this conducive environment, offering these kids endless possibilities as stepping stones.”

GTB Nagar


Navya Sureka


“Like footprints we leave a minor part of ours in each ones’ life we have traversed. Teaching these kids has in itself taught me a lot about self-satisfaction, determination and the mere act of contentment. I do not how majorly impressionable my teaching was, but sure to do my bacchas had a great time!





Raginee Sarmah
Raginee Sarmah

“To say that being in charge of seven children with unparalleled energy is always a happy ride would be a lie. It will, however, be fair to say that the energy is infectious. Amidst the tedious schoolwork and homework, an anecdote or two spills laughter across the room. That little room is a space where seven children and I attempt to learn and unlearn and for now, that’s enough motivation for me to take on this ride.”


Khan Market


Shrey Rana

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, I will always be grateful to WordsWorth for providing me with a platform, where I could contribute my part towards grooming the little minds. Looking at the happy faces of those kids always makes my day! As its said child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark i wish to give them the gift of knowledge.”


Anoushka Verma


“WordsWorth has always been my happy place. The children’s wide smiles always brightened up my day and had the power to bring out the best in me. Using my ability to read to guide them through their first steps into the magnificent world of books, was an enriching experience wherein I surely learnt much more than I taught.”


Saloni Sinha

                                                                                                                                                          “I have been teaching children for a number of years now, and enjoy sharing stories and reading with them. I strongly believe in the empowering effect of education and it is so much more than a social responsibility for me.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 South Extension

Vibhuti Sikand
“Coming from a family of teachers I have always seen and believed in the impact that teaching has on the society. And I  see myself being a part of the success of these incredible children, it makes me reflect on how fortunate I am. These kids are going to make their mark in world, their inquisitivity is not limited to the books. They do ask a ton of questions and you just have to be a little careful about revealing all your life
secrets to them. Be careful about not getting carried away with their cuteness”
Priyanka Negi

“I am a truth seeker–trying to find it through every medium possible. And with the knowledge of truth–I do the best I can to share it with everyone. With time I’ve realised that language and words that construct it are the most succinct yet elegant way to capture what is real. Wordsworth Project is my way of sharing my understanding of the language of communication that is English.”



Sukriti Pandey
Sukriti Pandey


“Books were my foray into a world of magic and wonder. Sharing and experiencing that with the kids is an absolute privilege. The Wordsworth Project gives one this opportunity, opening up incredible ways of seeing and being for the kids and oneself.”



Mridumena Kohli


“Working with The WordsWorth Project has been an amazing experience for me. It is so gratifying to watch a child learn and grow, and be part of that process. I learnt a lot from the children as well, the wonderfully smart and talented lot that they are. I absolutely love the kids and this project!”  



 Sarita Vihar


Muskaan Sharma


“Knowledge is the weapon which can win biggest of battles. The cause of empowering kids with knowledge is really close to my heart. The joy of learning on their faces is priceless and I too get to learn a lot from them in return. Happiness is one word that I can use to describe this experience, and I’m thankful for this opportunity.”




Urveesha Nirjar
Urveesha Nir


“I was terrified when I joined, wondering if I’d be able to do justice to the whole process of teaching; it’s been four months and I’m loving every aspect of it. Watching the kids learning and succeeding makes me so proud, and for me that’s happiness in its truest form.”