What do we plan to do with the funds?

All donations are utilised by the project to meet our expansion and operational plans. 

The WordsWorth Project currently functions in 6 spaces in New Delhi, in collaboration with registered NGOs and community centres. We are looking to expand to two more locations by the end of this year. 

Kittoo sitting with help

  • Donate a Library – With ­20,000 you can donate a library to the project or alternatively, line our shelves with books from here – Amazon Wishlist
  • Connect – Know a children’s author who would love to do a story telling session? Anyone who can give their time and expertise to the project? Know how we can reach out to potential volunteers? Reach out to us!
  • Contribute – Any amount that will go towards making our dream, to equip every child we work with the capability and confidence to pick up, read and enjoy a book, a reality.