So Far and Up Ahead

June 09, 2019

As The WordsWorth project completes five years this October, the WordsWorth family has grown from a team of 3 people with only an idea to begin with, to a large extended family of core team members, teacher volunteers and of course our students. The past two years have taught us innumerable lessons that continue to help us better our work. While our journey up until now has been one that has been filled with potholes, we take pride, as a family, to have successfully stumbled through this road to where we are today, still standing upright and strong.

Over the past two years, the founders of The WordsWorth Project have witnessed an idea grow into a fully functional model on the ground. As the team grew, so did the enthusiasm to see the students across centres grow along with us. While we know we have a long way to go in terms of making a concrete impact, we see it as an accomplishment to have fuelled the curiosity in our children to explore the books that we bring to them. Their eagerness to learn pushes us to make their experience better with each passing reading session.

While the students’ growth lies at the centre of our work, the project has also seen the growing support it has received from all fronts- volunteers, learning centres and the donors. Working on a non-profit model, we thrive on the support we have received from the community and our growing family is a testament to that. Our work is sustained by these pillars that hold us up and we see it as one of our accomplishments to have built up a support network with those who share the project’s mission and goals.

Future plans

The WordsWorth Project stands firmly with a vision to make quality impact rather than increase the mere reach of an impact. We believe in taking small, meaningful steps as we grow over the years keeping our focus on the individual growth of each student that is part of our project. As the project continues to learn and improve its core model to give the best to its students and volunteers, it aims to expand one learning centre at a time without giving up on the emphasis on quality. In the coming two years, the project’s focus will be to expand to centres in Delhi NCR. One of the key areas that the project’s team aims to do is to strengthen the existing processes especially around monitoring and tracking student learning and reading behaviour. While the content for our model continues to be our focus area, the project simultaneously is working to develop training and development tools for its volunteers who remain the pillars on whom the model is founded on.

The WordsWorth Project’s long term vision to develop an intervention model that can be organically sustained in any community that wishes to adopt us remains the goal towards which the project continue to work. The project is working to create definite proof points of success as it makes its journey. Learning from its own work as well as from the best practices developed by similar work being undertaken in this sector is a key component of the project’s growth and development. The current focus on making a repository of original content open source for use by anyone that wishes to recreate The WordsWorth Project’s experience around them is one step towards achieving the long term goals.