Ankita Arora 

“Being a student of literature, I have always had a strong connection with stories and storytelling. I’m a person who likes to interact. For a long time I had this desperate wish to do something good for the world around, so I took the opportunity of being associated with WordsWorth as soon as I got to know about it because it had all fit together. From these kids, I got to learn equally about life and happiness, faith and love, will and ways. So now I put all my efforts into promoting what this project and our team works for and I hope for more people to know about it.”


Apoorva Aggarwal 


“Look from a new perspective in each thing and you’ll be a changed person altogether. You’ll start finding happiness in things that you thought were a nuisance. The kids have inspired me in ways that are unimaginable. Their energy is contagious, their anecdotes hilarious, their life narratives inspiring and their laughter perpetual. Their lovely stories and their unstoppable chitter-chatter are now my cherished memories.”