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Roald Dahl and the World of Stories

January 11, 2017

Ever since I can remember, Roald Dahl has always been a part of my life and my reading experiences. His work always touches your heart and forms a smile on your face. Over the years, kids all around the world have grown up reading Roald Dahl books and feeling inspired by the imagery created by his work.

I remember sitting in a corner in my room reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, totally engrossed in the world of chocolate. It was one of my early reading experiences and I am still a big fan of that book.

Apart from this, the other book by Roald Dahl that is very close to me is The Roald Dahl Treasury. I remember picking an old copy of that book from my school library. It is a vast collection of stories, poems, essays and even letters highlighting all kinds of fascinating fictional characters that we all fall in love with.

Roald Dahl has been one of the finest, creative and inspiring children writers of all times. And we at The WordsWorth Project truly embrace his work and want to introduce the world of Roald Dahl to our kids.

Fantastic Mr Fox is a book by Roald Dahl that revolves around a clever fox named Mr Fox who lives underground beside a tree with his wife and four children. In order to provide for his family, he makes nightly visits to farms owned by three wicked and cruel farmers. The story highlights his smart and creative ideas to feed his family. This book has been a favourite among the kids and The WordsWorth Project is trying to collect copies of this book to provide them for the kids.

Therefore, we have started a collection drive for copies of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Help us get Fantastic Mr Fox and let us spread smiles and stories for the children who would love reading it!

“I guess you think you know this story. You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.” – Roald Dahl