Captured Moments.
Captured hearts.
We somewhere amidst relive those moments.
The moments that have passed.
Those that never can be regained.
All are seared,
All are gone.
Reliving the fun, the love and joy, we somewhere find ourselves.
Dancing in glee,
Singing happily,
Laughing at the most innocent of the jokes.
The pictures unfurling the happy faces, the amazing souls.
Today left with only the memories we try to retrace the days,
The days filled with learning and joy,
We think that it is us who are the teachers here,
Not realizing the impact of those kids in our unstable lives.
Meticulously they learn,
Teaching us numerous lessons in return.
As today although in a completely different place,
Our hearts still bothered,
Concerned about those little ones’ happiness and wellbeing.
Our hearts still connected,
Connected with those brightest smiles.
The euphoria used to engulf us,
The whole day’s misery disappearing in seconds,
The tensions, deadlines all forgotten
As now we just sit there thinking,
“will they ever let me speak”.

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