We are a social impact project that works with children from low resource communities, aiming to inculcate a desire to read, and attempting to spread literacy through this endeavour. We have collaborated with several NGOs and community centres, and work out of their existing spaces. We do this by an organic, volunteer driven model.

Our Vision

We aspire to remove the inequities in the primary education space through a support intervention model, with a focus on language and comprehension.

Our Story

The WordsWorth Project came out as a self designed project for the Young India Fellowship’s Experiential Learning Module as much as from our personal narratives. A combination of early childhood memories surrounded by books and reading, volunteering experiences and a belief that every child deserves equal opportunity was interwoven into our planning for the project. The idea that tackling language competency would result in the largest gains in learning outcomes forms the backbones of the project. This is because language is the medium through which all subjects are taught and any improvement in the former will spill over. With an understanding that our responsibility does not end there, we have volunteer intervention to help map individual child progress.

Our Model

We currently operate out of 6 spaces, reaching out to 120 kids through 60 volunteers. Our volunteers are mainly college students who wish to take time out and teach.


What Does Having A Good Education Mean?

A good education provides children with tools to question and seek answers for themselves. This education also instils in the child a responsibility towards their own learning and that of others. It creates eternally curious children constantly discovering and rediscovering the magic in stories, words, numbers and everything around them.

Varsha Varghese,

Co Founder